Our favourite looks from The British Fashion Awards

Hey guys! 

As you probably know some days ago The British Fashion Awards took place in London. We were so amazed by how beautiful this whole event was. We wish we could have been there… well, maybe in the future. We would like to congratulate to everyone who won in their categories!
Big, big applause!

In our post we would like to bring back the memory from this beautiful night and post some of our favourite stylisations. 

All pictures are from: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/fashion/fashion-news/a24094773/fashion-awards-2018/


Christmas Eve’s Outfits

Hey loves!

Christmas is such a wonderful time, spent with your family and friends. It’s obvious that you want to look special and elegant, but on the other hand you want to be fashionable all the year round.

Here we come with some outfit inspirations, which you will surely love!


Missguided long sleeve velour dress (47 EUR)

Nothing’s more suitable for Christmas than red colour.
Here we have for you perfect shade of it: burgundy. It’s classy and always in.


NA-KD black jumpsuit (60 EUR)
It’s good to have one classical jumpsuit in your wardrobe.
You can add more crazy accessories – and you ready to go!


Sparkly silver skirt (Edited- 59,90 EUR)
Skirts are great alternative to dresses. This one has a great christmasy vibe. You can combine it with white shirt (like in the picture above) or turtleneck. Try to keep it simple because the skirt is already a lot! 

To make the look „lighter” combine the skirt with white shirt and pair of high heels

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you liked the post. 


Winter outfit ideas

Hey guys! 

Today we want to show you two winter outfits. One is created by M and the other one is created by K. Both of them are perfect for winter days. 

This is the first proposition form M. As you can see it’s very girly. During winter you don’t have to forget about skirts. Just style them with high boots and they will keep you warm. Add some thick blazer and you can go outside for cold. 🙂 

The second outfit idea is from K. It’s a bit more sporty but at the same time chic. We really like to combine elegant jackets with sneakers. It makes the look more casual but at the same time a bit standing out but in a good way. Combination of orange and black will make your look trendy. Not all the winter outfits have to be boring. 

We hope you liked our post! Tell us what do you like to wear during winter. 



Hey guys! 

The Christmas season is right behind the corner. What comes with this… PRESENTS!
We admit, buying presents is difficult and sometimes it’s just very hard to come up with gift idea for someone. 

That’s why we come with a little help! Are you looking for a present for your girlfriend, sister, bestie? We have a couple of fashionable gift ideas that you may need! 


Red lipstick is perfect for winter season. It looks perfect with natural blush from cold wind. 
If your budget its a little bit bigger, you can buy a lipstick palette.
There is not only one colour to choose, but five. Doesn’t it sound perfect? OF COURSE – YES!

You girlfriend or bestie will be thankful that you take care of her and buy a lip balm which protect her lips from the cold. It’s perfect present for Christmas. What’s more, it tastes like peach.

2. BAGS!

We are so in love with this bag! It fits to every outfit and you can take it to New Year’s Eve party. Your girlfriend or bestie will avoid a problem what to wear to her party dress.
This bag is just must have. You can wear it with jeans and white T-shirt but also with sporty dress and sneakers. And you look amazing!
When you don’t want to buy a bag, you can choose a cute backpack from Calvin Klein.
There are two colour available: nude or classic black.


It’s not only for girl who’s fan of Ariana. This perfume is with flower-frui fragnance.
It will make her think about hot sunny days in this winter melancholy.
(It’s limited edition, so hurry up!)
The packaging  looks like NY CITY so it will be perfect for business woman, who always is in haste and need just a few clicks to smell like a queen.
You definitely should buy it on account of packaging. It looks like a small bag.
This is the cutest perfume we’ve ever seen! 


Rose gold watch is must have when it comes to watches! They are also classy but have a little bit of „attitude”. Every girl will love it!
A little bit more classy proposition. DW watches are very well known and chic. It’d be a perfect gift for someone whose style is elegant and classy. 
And the last proposition is from MVMT. The watch is a bit different, with marble clock face. Perfect for girls that like to play add more detail to every day looks.

Thank you for reading! We hope that our ideas will be useful for you. 


Throwback to summer vibes…


Hey y’all! 

Today we just want to do a little #tb to summer days because well… we miss vacations like crazy! 

Here are our outfits from our favourite summer day. 
Btw, how cute are those pink walls? We love them!

If you want your outfit to be more chic just add high heels 🙂 Also, as you can see black and white outfits don’t have to be boring. Instead of classic shirt look for something a bit different. We decided to combine classic white shorts with shirt with belt in the waist and pearls around the neck. Just some little details and your outfit can totally change into fashion week stylisation. 

We hope you enjoyed this little post and… till next time! 



outfit details: 

  • shirt with pearls: Zara
  • shorts: Zara
  • white top: H&M
  • skirt: Reserved